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March 3, 2021 | H.R.1

The path created by the Supreme Court in Citizens United has opened the spending floodgates that allow corporations and the wealthiest to control campaigns and our political process. The For the People Act (H.R. 1) ensures that our elected representatives in Congress are focused on listening to voters instead of high dollar campaign funders.

For many, exercising the fundamental right to vote has become increasingly difficult with the many barriers to access created through new and old voter suppression tactics. For example, in the middle of a global pandemic, many voters were forced to wait in extremely long lines and put their health at risk in order to cast their vote. In one of the leading democracies of the world, that is an unacceptable reality. The For the People Act will help to ensure that more U.S. citizens can register to vote and have access to a variety of paths to the ballot box. This bill will put a halt to and roll back many of the insidious efforts to throw up barriers to voter registration and ballot access.

These reforms along with those tackling ethics in government and gerrymandering are all ones that our members have been advocating on behalf of for many years now.  At a time when Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and have little faith in Congress, workers want their leaders to stand for reform and accountability. 

This is Good for working people.

Vote result:

YEAs: 220 | NAYs: 210
Legislator Sort descending State District Party Vote
Rep. Alma Adams NC 12 Democrat Yes
Rep. Robert B. Aderholt AL 4 Republican No
Rep. Pete Aguilar CA 31 Democrat Yes
Rep. Rick Allen GA 12 Republican No
Rep. Colin Allred TX 32 Democrat Yes
Rep. Mark Amodei NV 2 Republican No
Rep. Kelly Armstrong ND 0 Republican No
Rep. Jodey Arrington TX 19 Republican No
Rep. Jake Auchincloss MA 4 Democrat Yes
Rep. Cynthia Axne IA 3 Democrat Yes
Rep. Brian Babin TX 36 Republican No
Rep. Don Bacon NE 2 Republican No
Rep. James Baird IN 4 Republican No
Rep. Troy Balderson OH 12 Republican No
Rep. Jim Banks IN 3 Republican No
Rep. Andy Barr KY 6 Republican No
Rep. Nanette Barragán CA 44 Democrat Yes
Rep. Karen Bass CA 37 Democrat Yes
Rep. Joyce Beatty OH 3 Democrat Yes
Rep. Cliff Bentz OR 2 Republican No