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November 19, 2021 | H. R. 5376

The Build Back Better Act will fund transformational priorities that our families and communities need to thrive and solve real problems that working people face. In short, it includes: 

  • Substantial penalties on employers and executives who break the law by threatening and firing workers who speak up to protect their rights on the job
  • Provisions to create good union jobs manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines here in the U.S
  • 4 weeks of paid family and medical leave to care for a new child, to care for a family member, and to care for your own medical needs
  • Allowing Medicare to negotiate to reduce the prices for some of the most expensive drugs, including insulin
  • Expansion of Medicare to cover hearing services
  • An above-the-line deduction for the first $250 of workers' union dues, so that all union members will be able to access this benefit that was eliminated by the Trump tax bill
  • A payroll tax credit for local news journalists to help protect local news outlets that face threats from private equity firms looking to gut staff
  • An expanded and improved Trade Adjustment Assistance program to ensure that all workers are eligible for benefits if their jobs are offshored, including call center workers
  • $350 million in additional funding for the National Labor Relations Board (the federal agency charged with safeguarding workers’ rights)
  • Access to high-quality preschool and childcare
  • An extension the current expanded Child Tax Credit for a year and making the refundability permanent
  • A 1% surcharge tax on corporate stock buybacks so that the wealthy pay their fair share

This is Good for working people.

Vote result:

YEAs: 220 | NAYs: 213
Legislator Sort descending State District Party Vote
Rep. Alma Adams NC 12 Democrat Yes
Rep. Robert B. Aderholt AL 4 Republican No
Rep. Pete Aguilar CA 31 Democrat Yes
Rep. Rick Allen GA 12 Republican No
Rep. Colin Allred TX 32 Democrat Yes
Rep. Mark Amodei NV 2 Republican No
Rep. Kelly Armstrong ND 0 Republican No
Rep. Jodey Arrington TX 19 Republican No
Rep. Jake Auchincloss MA 4 Democrat Yes
Rep. Cynthia Axne IA 3 Democrat Yes
Rep. Brian Babin TX 36 Republican No
Rep. Don Bacon NE 2 Republican No
Rep. James Baird IN 4 Republican No
Rep. Troy Balderson OH 12 Republican No
Rep. Jim Banks IN 3 Republican No
Rep. Andy Barr KY 6 Republican No
Rep. Nanette Barragán CA 44 Democrat Yes
Rep. Karen Bass CA 37 Democrat Yes
Rep. Joyce Beatty OH 3 Democrat Yes
Rep. Cliff Bentz OR 2 Republican No