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August 12, 2022 | H.R.5376

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) brings down the cost of healthcare for families and makes historic investments in domestic energy production and manufacturing; all paid for by fixing our tax code so the wealthy and biggest corporations pay their fair share and without raising taxes for people who make under $400,000.



The IRA includes important provisions to lower health care costs and the cost of prescription drugs. Overall, the bill will save millions of seniors over $1,200 per year. Specifically, the law:

  • Empowers Medicare to negotiate directly for the price of the highest cost prescription drugs beginning in 2026, alleviating the high and rising cost of drugs under our retiree health plans;
  • Requires drug manufacturers to pay rebates to Medicare if they raise the cost of their drugs at a rate faster than inflation, ensuring that all our members and retirees are protected from price spikes; 
  • Extends the enhanced ACA premium tax credit for three years, which will prevent 13 million people from experiencing an increase in ACA premium; 
  • Caps Medicare Part D out of pocket cost at $2,000 per year for prescription drugs; and
  • Limits cost for insulin to $35 monthly for Medicare beneficiaries 



The IRA makes historic investments to lower energy costs, revitalize U.S. manufacturing, and support and create good union jobs:

  • Creates nearly 9 million good jobs in clean energy, clean manufacturing and other sectors through investments to accelerate clean energy deployment and boost clean technology manufacturing;
  • Gives up to $7,500 in tax credits for new electric vehicles and $4,000 for used electric vehicles;
  • Will save working families an average of over $500 per year on energy costs, using home energy appliance rebates and tax credits to make homes more energy efficient;
  • Supports and develops the domestic production of sustainable fuel by providing tax credits to airlines who purchase sustainable fuel to help reduce emissions and lower airfare costs; and
  • Provides tax credits for investments in American-manufactured clean energy manufacturing and for the use of American-made equipment for clean energy production. 



The IRA makes the tax code fairer by making the rich and corporations pay their fair share:

  • Institutes a 15% corporate minimum tax, guaranteeing that large profitable corporations that have evaded taxes for years will pay their fair share;
  • Strengthens enforcement against tax dodging by the super-wealthy and big corporations; 
  • Imposes a 1% excise tax on corporate stock buybacks, which corporate executives use to enrich themselves at the expense of workers and the company’s long-term success.

This is Good for working people.

Vote result:

YEAs: 220 | NAYs: 207
Legislator State District Party Sort descending Vote
Rep. Jan Schakowsky IL 9 Democrat Yes
Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux GA 7 Democrat Yes
Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez NY 7 Democrat Yes
Rep. Stephanie Murphy FL 7 Democrat Yes
Rep. Haley Stevens MI 11 Democrat Yes
Rep. Kathy Manning NC 6 Democrat Yes
Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon PA 5 Democrat Yes
Rep. Marc Veasey TX 33 Democrat Yes
Rep. Scott Peters CA 50 Democrat Yes
Rep. Danny K. Davis IL 7 Democrat Yes
Rep. Alma Adams NC 12 Democrat Yes
Rep. Josh Gottheimer NJ 5 Democrat Yes
Rep. Joaquín Castro TX 20 Democrat Yes
Rep. Suzanne Bonamici OR 1 Democrat Yes
Rep. Juan Vargas CA 52 Democrat Yes
Rep. Jared Huffman CA 2 Democrat Yes
Rep. Frank Mrvan IN 1 Democrat Yes
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney NY 18 Democrat Yes
Rep. Kathy Castor FL 14 Democrat Yes
Rep. John Sarbanes MD 3 Democrat Yes